Strata Property Management

MNT Realty Inc. strives towards the effective and efficient management of strata corporations by understanding the vital role it plays in promoting the welfare and well-being of owners, tenants, and their strata communities. 

Managing these corporations presents significant challenges due to the multitude of tasks and concerns involved. These encompass a range of responsibilities, such as overseeing financial matters, coordinating maintenance schedules, facilitating conflict resolution, conducting regular inspections, organizing meetings, and more. The extensive scope of these responsibilities can prove demanding and complex to effectively manage.

MNT’s professional strata property managers can help you navigate through all these challenges and much more through our extensive list of services outlined below.

Strata Property Management Services:

  • Provide Professional Proactive Guidance to the Council 
  • Customized Annual Routine Building Maintenance schedule 
  • Quick and Reliable Communication 
  • Quick turnover of Meeting Minutes
  • Collaborating with the council in preparing Strata Corporation Budgeting
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Online Portal for Owners and Residents
  • Routine Site Inspections
  • Dedicated Mandarin and Strata Query Phone Lines
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service
  • Optional Strata Council Educational Seminar

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