How Does Strata Property Management Differ From the Management of Other Properties?

September 25th, 2023
How Does Strata Property Management Differ From the Management of Other Properties?

Hiring a property manager to assist with the day-to-day operations of your investment can free up time to spend on other endeavors. However, when it comes to finding a manager for your strata corporation, you will likely need a strata manager.

The main difference between the two is that a property manager tends to individual properties, while a strata manager tends to all the properties within a strata corporation.

The needs of a strata and property manager can vary from client to client, but their main goal is to help you keep your tenants happy.

What Does a Strata Manager Do?

Most condos and townhouses are part of a strata, and ensuring all tenants adhere to set rules and bylaws is crucial. A strata manager works with both the strata corporation and the tenants in different ways. For the corporation, the strata manager will handle advertising, administration, and financial tasks.

On the other side, a strata manager serves as the primary point of contact for tenants. They can assist with filing complaints, setting up meetings with the corporation, and managing council meetings.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

General property managers are dedicated to a small portfolio of individual properties. They act as a middleman between the renter and the property owner, assisting with tasks such as collecting rent, managing maintenance requests, and finding clients when the property is empty.

A good property manager will take the majority of tasks off your plate, turning your extra property into a convenient source of passive income.

While the overarching tasks performed by a strata manager and a property manager are similar, the scale on which they are done, and the set bylaws set by individual strata corporations greatly alter how they are performed. 

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